Genuine Super Fine Hand-knotted Wool Isfahan - Seirafian ( SIGNED )

Genuine Super Fine Hand-knotted Wool Isfahan - Seirafian ( SIGNED )

 NAME: Esfehan- Seirafian Persian Rug Signed 
 SKU: 203ST

Isfahan (Esfahan) is a city in central Iran, known for its Persian architecture. The Seirafian family name is recognised as the best of the best, and they have retained this designation for generations. This remarkable rug features a simply stunning pictorial scene. Placed on a field of vivid blue, the flora and fauna are detailed with silk, to create a glorious work of art! With Master Signature.  

Isfahan's all have a floral design, usually with a central medallion on a field, decorated by a motif of interlaced flowering branches, animals or what is commonly referred to as the Shah Abbas motif. Some specimens also have four corners, decorated with the same motifs (Shah Abbas), and colours as those represented in the central medallion. Rugs with scenes of flowers and animals are also quite common. Another decoration that is typical of this area is the one known as 'vase of flowers'. The field of this rug has at the bottom, a vase. Therefore there are two quarters at the top of the niche at the opposite end from the vase.


  • Made from curk wool and natural silk
  • Dimensions are 2.08 x 3.14m
  • The primary colours are blue and cream with touches of reds, pinks and golds 
  • Condition: New
  • Producing Methods: 100% hand-knotted by Master Weaver
  • Pile Height: Fine
  • It comes with Certificate of Authenticity 
  • Each item is one of a kind, featuring a unique variation
  • Delivery: Free Delivery across New Zealand