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As Handmade Rugs are an exceptional value addition to the décor of your home, we offer a complimentary, non-obligatory trial of the Rug/s at your sweet home.

Crafted with Precision, Woven with Tradition

Unraveling the Artistry: The Timeless Beauty of Turkmen Rugs

The Turkmen rug, originating from Turkmenistan, is truly a work of art celebrated for its intricate designs and cultural significance. Crafted by hand with the finest wool, these rugs often showcase mesmerizing geometric patterns, motifs inspired by nature, and symbols deeply rooted in tradition. Rich shades like red, blue, and ivory make them visually striking. Every knot, carefully woven by skilled craftsmen, carries with it stories of heritage, identity, and skill honed over generations. Beyond being a beautiful addition to any space, a Turkmen rug represents pride in culture and enduring elegance that transcends time.

We only sell Authentic Handmade Rugs

At House of Haghi, we are proud to have been the premier rug importer in New Zealand since 1980. We specialize in selling handmade rugs which we regularly source from the renowned major rug making centres of the world. Over the last 40 years, we have maintained our extremely high standards by ensuring that we only sell rugs that are made of top quality materials & premium dyes.


 For many years, House of Haghi has enjoyed a close relationship with some of the country’s foremost interior designers to help to create beautiful spaces with high-quality handmade rugs that are guaranteed to enhance the style and appeal of any room.


Our exclusive collection of handmade rugs includes a choice of those that feature vintage designs and classic rug patterns alongside designs that are more modern but are nevertheless made in the time honoured way. We are certain that there will be something for you in our extensive and excellent range of wool or silk rugs which will suit both your style and budget.


All our rugs come with a certificate of authenticity. The certificates are useful for insurance and valuation purposes.

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