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We only sell Authentic Handmade Rugs

At House of Haghi we pride ourselves by being New Zealand's premier rug importer since 1980. We have kept our standards up by selling only ethically sourced rugs made using naturally occurring fibers (wool and silk) and using natural colors extracted from plants Vegetables, Roots of trees etc.

All rugs come with a certificate of the rugs authenticity and peace of peace of mind that no child labor was involved in its manufacturing


Respected rug seller House of Haghi, imports high-quality handmade Persian rugs and sure to bring a touch of class to any home. Our wide range includes traditional hand knotted rugs with vintage designs and classic rug patterns alongside more modern rug designs still made in the traditional way. Choose from a range of wool rugs or silk rugs to suit your style and budget.

Contact us with any queries you may have.