House of Haghi is an established premium rug seller supplying discerning customers across New Zealand

Who We Are

House of Haghi, founded in 1980, is a trusted name in the rug industry. We specialize in the finest, hand-made rugs sourced principally from the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Caucasus. Experience the fascinating world of hand-knotted rugs by visiting us at House of Haghi in Newmarket.

What We Do

When you visit House of Haghi you will meet with knowledgeable, helpful staff who are able to give you full information of the rugs you are considering, answer your questions, and, if a sale is made, provide you with a Certificate of Authenticity with a description of origin, history and age. We also offer services such as rug cleaning & restoration, and valuation.

Why Choose Us

House of Haghi offers an outstanding collection of genuine handmade rugs. All  rugs are one-off unique pieces and are provided with a Certificate of Authenticity. From classic Persion rugs and vintage rug designs to modern rugs that are also handmade, there is a tremendous variety in design, colour, weave, and size. We supply both traditional wool rugs and exquisite silk rugs. Our friendly team is prepared to show you the most comprehensive range of Persian rugs - a truly tangible investment of a lifetime.

Contact us with any queries you may have.