The History of House of Haghi


Established in the 1980s, House of Haghi was one of the original rug retailers in New Zealand.  Mosen Haghi had a passion to introduce the rich Persian heritage of rug weaving by importing the world’s best quality hand-knotted rugs from the major weaving centres of the middle east such as Qum, Isfahan and Tabriz, and many others.

Tabriz rug bazzar

He travelled the length and breadth of Persia in search of world-class artisans and weavers from historical cities, towns, and remote tribal regions to bring the best of Persian art to New Zealand.

In time, House of Haghi became a household name amongst designers, curators, art enthusiasts and the general public who had experienced such artifacts in their parental homes or those of their grandparents and wished to recreate the pleasurable experiences of their childhood environment.

With the desire for greater design choices, House of Haghi increased their traditional inventory to include more modern designs.

We are always aware of quality and all our rugs are still hand knotted. We continue to work with traditional weavers from rural regions of the world, and will not compromise quality by moving into inferior products such as hand-tufted rugs...

Today, after over 40 years, if you see an original hand-knotted Persian rug anywhere in New Zealand, in a movie filmed locally, an international store, or in New Zealand home designed by reputable interior designers, there is a good chance the rug is from the showroom of House of Haghi.

Over the years, House of Haghi has grown and we can now source custom-made hand-knotted rugs to your choice of design and colour.

All our rugs come with a certificate of authenticity.

House Haghi Rug Gallery


Free delivery anywhere in New Zealand on new items purchased

Verbal estimates, valuations, and appraisals.

Qualified interior design advice.


Due to our years of experience and our holding a dominant share of the market, we are well known and work with all major New Zealand interior designers and Insurers regarding claims and valuations for rugs.

If you have a rug, including an antique rug, purchased anywhere in the world, we can advise how you to care for it to increase the longevity and value of your rug.

We also offer verbal valuations and advice, including a traditional rug cleaning & repair service.  Our services also include delivery to your home, of any rugs for trial.  Our experienced staff will also assist as required in your selections.

rug valuation

Our showroom is located at 408 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket and parking is available for our customers.

Alternatively, visit our online showroom

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