Rugs add beauty and colour to the design of your home, creating a warm, cosy environment, but to ensure they last a long time& retain their colour and look as beautiful as day one, they need to be looked after and maintained.

Depending on the type of rug you own and the material used in knotting it, the maintenance could be different. As a rug owner, you should be very cautious when applying treatments or when trying the seemingly most common rug maintenance methods, like vacuuming.

The following ten tips to maintain and look after your rugs are the most common approaches all rug owners apply, but House of Haghi recommends that you give us a call for free advice from our friendly staff before trying any maintenance methods to avoid potential damage to your rugs.

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Do you ever wonder why hand-knotted rugs take a long time to be made and why they are so expensive? Here’s the process explained in a simple way ... 

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