Discover a wide selection of rugs for sale to transform your space. Enhance your home's aesthetics and choose the perfect rug for your unique needs. Explore now!
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Transform your space with Persian rugs from House of Haghi. Add elegance and luxury to any room with their wide range of rugs. Visit their website and explore their collection today.
10 Tips for Cleaning Your Rug at Home - Learn how to effectively clean and maintain your rugs without professional help. Get expert advice from House Of Haghi. Visit our website for the best practices in rug.
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Choose the perfect shag rug for your living room. Enhance your space with warmth, style & comfort. Find the ideal rug at House Of Haghi.
House of Haghi offers a diverse range of rugs that can transform your home's interior design. From enhancing visual appeal to creating distinct zones, their extensive collection caters to various tastes and preferences. Beyond rugs, they provide services like cleaning and repair, along with accessories to complete your home decor. With a commitment to quality and authenticity, House of Haghi is a one-stop destination for elevating your living space. Visit their website to explore the collection and take advantage of additional services, ensuring your rugs remain in top condition for years to come.
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Ensure rug authenticity with House of Haghi's Certificate of Quality. Get peace of mind knowing your rug is genuine & of high quality. Explore our collection now.
Find the perfect rug size for any room in New Zealand at House of Haghi. Enhance your space with our wide variety of Persian and modern rugs in various sizes. Browse our collection and create a
Proper rug cleaning and maintenance are vital for preserving their longevity and appearance. Essential steps include regular vacuuming to prevent dirt and debris accumulation, immediate attention to spills to prevent stubborn stains, and consideration of professional rug cleaning services for deep cleaning. In New Zealand, House of Haghi offers convenient rug cleaning and repair services, facilitating easy maintenance for customers. A well-maintained rug not only enhances aesthetics but also safeguards your investment. Trust House of Haghi for all your rug cleaning and repair needs in New Zealand, ensuring your rugs remain beautiful and long-lasting. Visit for more information.
Durable, weather-resistant rugs from House of Haghi bring style and durability to outdoor spaces. Made with quality materials like wool and silk, these rugs offer both elegance and lasting performance. With a variety of designs, from traditional Persian to modern styles, they seamlessly enhance outdoor aesthetics. Each rug comes with a certificate of authenticity, ensuring genuine, top-quality products. House of Haghi not only sells rugs but also provides professional cleaning and repair services. Home and interior designer consultations personalise the selection process. To make quality rugs more affordable, they offer a layby service for payment in installments. Explore the collection at
Transform your outdoor living space with durable and stylish rugs from House of Haghi. Elevate aesthetics, enhance comfort, and protect your outdoor flooring. Discover the perfect rug for your outdoor oasis today!
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Eco-friendly rug choices: Find sustainable materials & manufacturing at House of Haghi. Enhance your living space with stylish, environmentally responsible rugs. Visit now!
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