From rug cleaning and repairs to valuations, House of Haghi offers a range of services for customers

Auckland-based House of Haghi and Sons offer a variety of services to ensure you have everything you need from a free measure, to cleaning and repairs, home consultation or professional restoration and much more.

Rug Cleaning

Professional rug cleaning is the best way to maintain the colour and integrity of your rug.We are affiliated to a professional rug cleaner, who is an expert rug maker and skilled artist, with knowledge of dyes and traditional knotting. All rugs are hand washed, ensuring the best care for your investment. Cleaning of stains is a specialized skill and we will make every effort to return your rug to you in ‘as new’ condition where possible. Please note that some stains are not possible to remove, so bring the rug into ourAucklandshowroom for a quotation and recommendation. 

Rug Repairs

Artisan rug makers, adept at weaving, are available through our retail outlet for the repair of your damaged rugs. We repair frayed and edge damage, as well as wear and tear to ‘as new’ condition where possible. Where the rug has worn through substantially, we will advise on the best method of repair to ensure continued value and longevity of your investment.

How to care for and clean your carpet

We recommend regular vacuuming to stop long term damage as small particles of dirt are often embedded in the pile. Care should be taken against vacuuming the fringe.

All liquid spills should be attended to immediately. Use an old towel to absorb the excess liquid & continue to do this till rug is dry. If there is a residue stain our professional rug cleaner will be able to help you.

Home Consultation

We offer the services of a home consultation to help you with selecting a rug to suit your room. Our consultant can visit your home to view your space, furniture, lighting, fabrics, artwork etc, and make a selection from our showroom to compliment your interior. Once you have made your choice we are then able to offer delivery to your home for an approval period of 2 to 3 days to make sure you are happy with your choice.

Approval Service

We offer an approval service to view rugs in a particular room or space, and quite often the only way of confidently ascertaining whether it will achieve the desired result is to view it in your home.

We are happy to pick up and deliver in the Auckland Metropolitan area.

Out of Town Clients

We cater to clients throughout NZ by finding suitable rugs for their homes. We need a photo of the space & dimensions which can be sent to us by email.

We will find appropriate rugs & forward the relevant photos. We can then courier the rug to the client for their approval.

Certificate of Authenticity

We provide a certificate of authenticity post-sale with details of origin, history, age etc of the rug. This is an important document if there is ever the need to make an insurance claim.

House of Haghi & Sons has been working closely with all NZ insurance companies over the last 38 years.

Lay-by Service

We have a lay-by service with the usual terms of 20% deposit and payments spread over 2 months with weekly or fortnightly payments.

Please inquire about the terms available as we try to accommodate our clients.


As an established rug seller, we provide valuations for rugs. We prefer you to send or drop the rug into us so that we can inspect it to ensure the most accurate valuation. If that is too difficult, talk to us and we may be able to come to you to provide the same service. If your rug has been damaged through flood, fire or any other disaster, for the purpose of an insurance claim, we can provide an estimated valuation from photographs.

Rug Grip

We stock a top quality rug grip to stop rugs from moving. This grip also gives the rug premium cushioning & insulation, as well as preventing the rug from wrinkling, buckling, shifting or slipping.


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