Handmade vs Machine-made Rugs: The Kiwi Insight

A Home's Heartbeat: The Rug
In New Zealand, just like anywhere else in the world, a home is a sanctuary filled with cherished memories, loved ones, and beloved treasures. Among these treasures is the iconic rug, a piece that not only enhances home décor but also resonates with the unique Kiwi sense of style and storytelling. When speaking of quality rugs, the legacy of House of Haghi, established in the 1980s, springs to mind. Known for their dedication to introducing the rich Persian heritage to Kiwi homes, they've truly emphasised the distinction between handmade and machine-made.

The Charm of Handmade Rugs
Rugs are more than just decorative pieces; they anchor a room and allow homeowners to express themselves, weaving stories and traditions into their daily lives. House of Haghi, for instance, sources their rugs from world-renowned weaving centres such as Qum, Isfahan, and Tabriz, ensuring that every piece they offer has a story to tell. While machine-made and handmade rugs both have their merits, there's a clear growing sentiment in Aotearoa favouring the unique craftsmanship of handmade rugs.

Durability Matters
Handmade rugs, much like those found at the House of Haghi, are a testament to durability. Crafted with love, these rugs showcase the painstaking efforts of artisans, resulting in long-lasting pieces. Machine-made rugs, while efficient in production, often lack this enduring quality.

Uniqueness: A Trademark of Handmade Rugs
In our diverse Kiwi culture, uniqueness is a virtue. Handmade rugs, each with its distinct story of artisans and heritage, resonate deeply with New Zealanders. House of Haghi's offerings are a testament to this, bringing the best of Persian art to Kiwi homes, making them unparalleled conversation starters.

Handmade vs Machine-made Rugs

Sustainability: The Kiwi Way
Priding ourselves on eco-conscious decisions, New Zealanders naturally lean towards sustainable options like handmade rugs. These are crafted using natural materials, aligning with the green Kiwi mindset, unlike many machine-made alternatives.

Supporting Tradition and Craft
Embracing handmade rugs means supporting age-old traditions and crafts. It mirrors the Kiwi spirit of backing local businesses and artisans. House of Haghi, with its legacy spanning over four decades, exemplifies this ethos, sourcing genuine hand-knotted Persian rugs that stand as tokens of tradition.

Economic Impact
Beyond our shores, the rug-making industry, especially in countries like India and Nepal, thrives on the handmade market. By supporting this, Kiwis play a role in bolstering global artisan communities, ensuring these craftsmen continue to share their legacy.

An Investment That Appreciates
Rugs from reputed establishments like House of Haghi are more than decor; they are investments. These handmade heirlooms often appreciate in value, standing as legacies to be cherished.

While debates on rug origins persist, the charm and durability of handmade rugs remain undisputed. For Kiwis valuing individuality, sustainability, and craft, the allure of handmade rugs, rich with tales and traditions, aligns perfectly with the New Zealand spirit. House of Haghi stands as a shining beacon in this narrative, making Kiwi homes all the more special.



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