Artistry Unraveled: Tauranga's Premier Handcrafted Rug Exhibition

Exciting news! House of Haghi is elated to present its exquisite rug collection at the distinguished Tauranga Exhibition from August 25th to 27th.

Venture into our exhibition space to uncover a vast range of handcrafted traditional and contemporary rugs, masterfully woven by seasoned artisans from ancient cities, towns, and far-flung tribal regions throughout the Middle East. Whether your aesthetic leans towards timeless motifs or avant-garde patterns, every rug in our collection is intricately hand-knotted, ensuring unparalleled quality and enduring allure.

Should you harbor queries or have a penchant to delve deeper into the narratives of our splendid rugs, please connect with us at 021 677 761 or pen us a note at Further insights can be procured from our digital abode at

Our erudite team shall be stationed at the Tauranga Exhibition, eager to illuminate the rich tapestry of tales and craftsmanship behind each mesmerizing piece. As an esteemed guest, enjoy exclusive rebates on select marvels, and be assured of gratis delivery across New Zealand for fresh acquisitions. Plus, harness our adept interior design counsel to pinpoint a rug that graces your ambiance impeccably.

Seize this unparalleled occasion to immerse in the quintessence of Persian artistry and heritage, all congregated in the heart of Tauranga. We anticipate the pleasure of your company!

House of Haghi takes pride in proffering an eclectic array of hand-knotted rugs spanning two primary genres: contemporary and classical. Our contemporary pieces echo the pulse of modern decor, marked by audacious hues, abstract forms, and avant-garde textures - perfect canvases to infuse verve into any milieu.

Conversely, our classical tapestries are reminiscent of age-old designs from global heritage hubs. They exude intricate symphonies, opulent hues, and stately perimeters, rendering them an evergreen choice for interiors. Ranging from the detailed florals of Persian classics to the geometric vibrancy of Turkish and Moroccan marvels, our traditional collection promises variety and veracity.

Regardless of your preference - be it modern chic or age-old charm, each of our creations is lovingly hand-knotted with premium wool or silk, a testament to resilience, longevity, and excellence. We invite you to our physical sanctuary at 408 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket or our digital gallery to immerse in both contemporary and classical wonders.


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