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Antique Afghan Hand-knotted 100% Wool Turkmen Rug 213cm x 340cm

 NAME: Vintage Turkmen
 SKU: 17844

Pictorial design vintage rug depicting the famous Persian Omar Khayyam - poet, philosopher, mathematician etc. The picture on this rug shows the poet sitting in the corner on top of a rug with dancing girls in the background.  Large birds & other animals are placed on each side of the central stylized tree of life with blooming flowers at the base. Aged rich charcoal colour is used as a background for this scene. Spectacular exceptionally wide Turkoman design border & guards reminiscent of mosaic tiles & fine tapestry frame the central scene. Finely hand-knotted in sheep's wool this pictorial rug has been created by artisans with skills that have been handed down through generations.  Pictorial rugs are the hardest to design & to work out the scale of the figures etc.  The Turkoman tribe is known as the finest of all tribal weavers & this magnificent rug is no exception.

  • Made from wool
  • Dimensions are 2.13 x 3.36m
  • The primary colour is gold with greens and reds
  • Condition: Aged
  • Producing Methods: 100% hand-knotted
  • Pile Height: Low
  • It comes with Certificate of Authenticity 
  • Each item is one of a kind, featuring a unique variation
  • Delivery: Free Delivery across New Zealand