Fine Hand-knotted 100% Wool Vintage Persian Heriz Large Rug 310cm x 385cm

NAME: Heriz Persian Vintage Rug
SKU: 2204PA201

Heriz rugs, also known as Heris rugs, are a type of handwoven Persian rug originating from the town of Heris, located in the East Azerbaijan province of Iran. These rugs are renowned for their durability, bold geometric designs, and distinctive color palettes. Heriz rugs have a long history dating back several centuries and are highly sought after by collectors and rug enthusiasts.  Heriz rugs are characterized by their bold, geometric patterns and large central medallions. The designs often feature stylized floral motifs, intricate borders, and geometric elements such as diamonds, hexagons, and serrated leaves. The colors used in Heriz rugs are typically rich and earthy, including shades of red, blue, orange, brown, and ivory.

Heriz rugs are traditionally handwoven using high-quality wool for both the pile and foundation. The wool used in these rugs is sourced locally and is known for its strength, resilience, and natural luster. The knotting technique employed is the Persian knot, which is tied around two warp threads and produces a sturdy and durable rug.

Note: Each item is one of a kind, featuring a unique variation

  • Composition                  100% Wool 
  • Foundation:                   100% Cotton 
  • Pile Height:                    Medium 
  • Dimensions:                   2.80 x 3.90m
  • Primary Colour:            Brown/Red, Turquoise, Teal and Cream
  • Condition:                       Excellent
  • Producing Methods:    100% hand-knotted
  • Certification:                 All handmade rugs come with a Certificate 
  • Delivery:                         Free Delivery across New Zealand


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