Fine Hand-knotted Kashan Persian Rug 300cm x 390cm

 NAME: Persian Kashan Rug
 SKU: 2204PA132

A hand-knotted Persian Kashan rug is made by skilled artisans in the city of Kashan, located in central Iran. These rugs are crafted using traditional techniques and natural materials, such as wool, silk, and vegetable dyes.

Hand-knotted rugs are made by tying individual knots onto a foundation of vertical and horizontal threads, also known as the warp and weft. This process is time-consuming and requires a high level of skill, but it produces a durable and intricate rug that can last for generations. The quality of a Kashan rug is often measured by its knot count, which refers to the number of knots per square inch. The higher the knot count, the more intricate and detailed the design of the rug will be.

In addition to their beauty and craftsmanship, hand-knotted Persian Kashan rugs are also valued for their durability and long-lasting quality. They can be passed down from generation to generation, becoming cherished family heirlooms and valuable investments.

Note: Each item is one of a kind, featuring a unique variation

  • Composition                  100% Wool 
  • Foundation:                   100% Cotton 
  • Pile Height:                    Medium 
  • Dimensions:                   3.00 x 3.90m
  • Primary Colours:           Red, Cream and Blue
  • Condition:                       New
  • Producing Methods:    100% hand-knotted
  • Certification:                 All handmade rugs come with a Certificate 
  • Delivery:                         Free Delivery across New Zealand


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