Fine Hand-knotted Wool & Silk 4LAA Nain Persian Rug 155cm x 225cm

 NAME: Nain Persian Rug 
 SKU: 2204PA158

This Nain combines the most sophisticated quality with older traditions of a typical Persian design. It has been hand-knotted from Cork wool and natural silk, in the city of Nain in Persia, over a period of several months. Cork wool is extraordinarily soft and fine as it grows under neck of sheep. It has a high degree of natural fat, making it more resilient to any stresses. This one of a kind 4LAA Nain rug ranks in the top order of rugs, it constitutes pure elegance and highest quality KPSI. 

Nain is a town 150km to the east of Isfahan, in central Iran. It is relatively new to the carpet world, compared to ancient weaving centres such as, Isfahan and Yazd. Although it started out producing Isfahan carpets in the mid 1930s, Nain began developing its own style. Very fine and precise designs were created, due to the high quality of the workshops in the area. Fathollah Habibian (1903-1995) ran one of the most famous Nain workshops, and is widely regarded as the father of Nain rugs. He is responsible for the design and weaving of some of the worlds finest Nains.

Nain rugs usually have a cotton foundation with very soft wool or wool and silk piles. Quality is measured not only in knots per square inch (KPSI), which averages about 300 but also in LAA. LAA is a Farsi term, referring to the number of threads that make up each fringe. 

  • Made from wool & silk
  • Dimensions are 1.55 x 2.25m
  • The primary colours are ivory and navy 
  • Condition: New
  • Producing Methods: 100% hand-knotted
  • Pile Height: Low
  • It comes with Certificate of Authenticity 
  • Each item is one of a kind, featuring a unique variation
  • Delivery: Free Delivery across New Zealand
Width (m): 1.55
Length (m): 2.25
Material: Wool & Silk