Fine Hand-knotted Wool Hallway Runner 80cm x 685cm

NAME: Super Kazak Runner 
SKU: 58

The Kazak design originated from Old Caucasian rugs, and are now mainly woven by Hazara tribes, in Central Afghanistan. This method of hand-knotting and weaving is called Hazara Baft or sometimes Chapat Baft meaning ‘flat’. 

The Kazak rugs are so flat that one can clearly see the full detail of the design from the back. Kazak rugs are 100% wool on a cotton base. All the yarns used are vegetable dyed. The Kazak rugs are bright, contrasting colours with geometric patterns and motifs.


Note: Each item is one of a kind, featuring a unique variation

  • Composition                  100% Wool 
  • Foundation:                   100% Cotton 
  • Pile Height:                    Low
  • Dimensions:                   0.80 x 6.85m
  • Primary Colours:            Sage, Blue, Green, Red and Cream
  • Condition:                       New
  • Producing Methods:    100% hand-knotted
  • Certification:                 All handmade rugs come with a Certificate 
  • Delivery:                         Free Delivery across New Zealand
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